GEMSTONE BABY NECKLACE - Raw Cognac & Gem Rainbow [1055M]

GEMSTONE BABY NECKLACE - Raw Cognac & Gem Rainbow [1055M]

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重量: 11g

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■GEMSTONE NECKLACE - Raw Cognac & Rainbow Gem

Mサイズ 32.0cm







このネックレスは、リトアニア バルト海のビーズで作られており、美しいアメジスト、アマゾナイト、ターコイズなどが虹のように点在しています。

*Choose the best size for baby.
It needs to be long enough to be comfortable but not so long that it can be brought over the chin and put in their mouth.

*These are not meant for chewing.

*Please do not use it without adults.

*Please make sure to remove it while sleeping and playing.

*Please store it in a safe place that children cannot reach when you do not use it.

This necklace is made with beads of genuine Baltic Amber from Lithuania, interspersed with a beautiful array of gemstone beads. We call them rainbow.