Square To-Go Container - Medium 30oz (0.85L) Clear [with Silicone Lid] [UK202 MC]

Square To-Go Container - Medium 30oz (0.85L) Clear [with Silicone Lid] [UK202 MC]

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希望小売価格: $23.95

重量: 240g

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■Medium(サンドイッチ)サイズ 30オンス(852ml)


•サイズ:Large(メイン)サイズ 50オンス(1420ml) 6.5"×3"×6.5" (16.51cm×7.62cm×16.51cm)
Medium(サンドイッチ)サイズ 30オンス(852ml) 5.75"×2.5"×5.75"(14.61cm×6.35cm×14.61cm)
Small(スナック)サイズ 15オンス(426ml) 5"×2"×5"(12.70cm×5.08cm×12.70cm)


Our trusted stainless steel square containers now come with plastic-free, clear-as-glass silicone lids! Perfect waste-free solution for kids lunches, picnics, travel, outdoor adventures, bulk shopping and family leftovers. Pack snacks, lunches and main meals while reducing single-use packaging. Our sizes are versatile enough for all food-storage needs at home and on the go, while saving trash from our ever-growing landfills. Flexible silicone lids are easy for little hands to open, and the leak-proof feature keeps spills at bay. Our new non-toxic stainless steel and silicone combination make these lunchboxes the best zero-waste solution for you and the planet.

• Leak-proof to keep food fresh and prevent spills
• Etched tare weights for easy bulk shopping
• Easy to sanitize and dishwasher safe
• Square shapes nest to save storage space
• Plastic-free, durable, flexible silicone
• 304 (18/8) stainless steel
• Free of BPA, BPS, phthalates and lead
• 50oz container: 6.5” x 3” x 6.5” (entree size)
• 30oz container: 5.75” x 2.5” x 5.75” (sandwich size)
• 15oz container: 5” x 2” x 5” (snack size)